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Fuji X100v

A bit ago my Ricoh GR II met its demise. It crushed my soul a bit. I replaced it with this Fujifilm X100v. Overall, I’m pleased and it fits into my life pretty well.

Here are some pros:
  • IQ is stellar 
  • Dynamic Range is good
  • Build Quality is rad
  • Ergos are good
  • Viewfinder is the coolest shit I’ve ever seen
  • Lens is plenty sharp
  • Auto Upload to phone is life changing and works 90% of the time
  • USB C charging (god bless 🙏)

Here are some cons:
  • I wish it was smaller
  • It’s rare, but when the connection to your phone fails it can be incredibly frustrating.
  • You can only auto transfer jpegs (i think?)
  • I accidently turn the EV dial all the time.
  • Built in flash is weak.

🛒 Fujifilm X100V