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Pixel 4XL to iPhone 12 Pro

I went from iPhone 1 to 7 and made the switch to Android. A big part of that original transition was because I found myself utilizing the Google ecosystem far more than anything else. It only made sense to complete the circle. My favorite of the Android phones was the Pixel 4 XL. The vanilla Android experience is fantastic. 

Here’s the rub though. There aren’t very many good vanilla Android phones on the market. Google has seemingly given up on hardware with their Pixel 5, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that I needed more. With the Pixel 4 I was experiencing app refreshing constantly. Basically running out of memory. I’d be in Lightroom, switch to a call, come back to Lightroom and the app had to reload. I couldn’t deal with. it anymore.

Apple has been tediously and slowly been ripping features from Android and making them their own (I could give a fuck who steals what from who). Features that have greatly improved iOS. To the point where the switch, to me, feels painless. The file browser is fantastic, notifications are mostly improved, and not having a cluster fuck of a home screen is great (the App library is horse shit, but I can live with it.)

iPhone is clearly becoming refined. Having your own hardware and OS all in house is obviously paying off as the iPhone has to be the most refined and fluid phone around.

Last note. Fuck the lightning connector. This shit is unacceptable. Gimme that USB C.