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Seiko 5 SNK805 Automatic Watch

I’ve always worn a watch, but I’ve never been a watch guy. It’s mostly utilitarian for me as I tend to scratch, crack, or damage them in some sort of way. Thus I’ve always tried to buy watches that I wouldn’t mind having to replace.

Seiko 5 fits that bill rather nicely. Expensive enough to feel nice, cheap enough to replace if I had to.

Too early to tell if I really like it or not but really it seems hard not to like. It’s easy to read. Comfortable. Has the basic features I require in a watch. Rather simple.

Oh, and most importly this watch is pretty silent. I had a Timex Weekender for a long time, and that had to be the loudest watch I’ve ever had. I’m rather sensitive to noises like a watch ticking, and I couldn’t keep it in the bedroom if I was trying to sleep.

Here are some specs for you nerds:
37mm Case
Automatic Movement (Hardlex Crystal)
Water Resistant to 30m